You need a smartphone cleaner or not depend on how much stuff you keep in your phone.  There are two popular operation system on smartphone nowadays. iOS with only iPhone and Android with representative of Sam Sung. So that, in this article, there are 2 view point for each operation system.

iOS phone

In my opinion, if you are a person just use iPhone for some purpose like: listen phone call, call someone, text, browse internet and take photos sometimes; you dont need any smartphone cleaner. Why? Because, First of all, iPhone does not need antivirus software. Second, you dont have so much junk file to clean up. But if you are not among them, I think the anwser will different. So before discuss about this issue, I need to clear some definitions.

  1. What is junk file of iPhone? iPhone junk files, including temporary and corrupted files, caches, cookies, crash logs generated by third-party apps, can pile up to an astonishing amount and slow down the speed of your iPhone hugely.
  2. How can you see how much space was taken by junk file? In iPhone Storage, Other comprises your iOS and all of the files that don’t fall under labeled categories like Photos, Apps, or Media. These include app data (also known as Documents & Data: include the following: app cache, login details, preferences, offline media content), call history, notes, voice memos, Mail and Messages attachments, completed reminders, and similar tidbits of user data. This is where you can see how much junk file cover your iPhone storage.

Yes, they are rubbish in your phone, and if you use iPhone for so long, the rubbish is one of factor make your iPhone slow down and waste your iPhone storage to download more interesting things.

To clean this stuff, you have to go over all your apps and delete unneeded: message attachments in Messages, WhatsApp, and other messengers; email attachments; completed reminders; notes; voice memos; voicemail; your call history. I did not mention to duplicate photos and similar photos in your camera rolls. Imagine you have to waste hours to delete one by one this stuff, I think rather you should download a smartphone cleaner. There are two kind of iPhone cleaner. One is cleaner app with function clean up junk file and another is cleaner app help you remove duplicate photosDepend on your demand, you can download both of such app or one in two.

Android phone

With Android Phone, I dont have too much infomation to explain why. However, in my opinion, it still depends on how much stuff you keep in your phone. Like my above explanation for iPhone, I think there is the same thing. With any kind of phone, there is a certain, you will create junk files after a while of use. So that, to save your time, download a smartphone cleaner is one of the good solutions.

There some opposite opinion, that you dont need to use any smartphone cleaner, because these cleaner apps not only waste your time but also harm your phone. There is an article mentioned about this, in particular about Android phone.

I dont have any opinion about this article, I think with Android phone users, this is the point of view should be consider.

Hope you have more information for your choice in smartphone cleaner.