Like the house, the mobile phone still need to be cleaned up. With iPhone user, it is worth to consider use an iphone cleaner. iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the universal. With great features, iPhone is gradually becoming a best friend of large of people who keep so many photos, memories of us, provide us alots good experiences. However, in the busy world, we often forget to clean up this “friend”. That is the reason, there are too many iphone cleaners appear to help us take care of my “friend”.

But what happen if we dont clean up the phone? I will take an example with your house. You still live even your house is not cleaned up. 1 day is nevermind, 2 day does not the master but 3 day you will not feel comfortable. And everything will be ok until 1 month, 2 months later. Your house looks like a mess, you will get mad when waste 1 hour just to find 2 same sock. That is the same with your mobile phone when it will not be cleaned up. It will be a dull phone not smart phone anymore and you will get mad when lost the chance to take a value moment just because of not enough space to store the new one. So that, there are too many another troubles.

Come back with the phone cleaner app? What is iphone cleaner app and how might it will help you? Before define what is cleaner app I will help you clear about storage on your device and in iCloud.

Learn the difference between your device and iCloud storage, ways to manage your space

Device storage

When you buy your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, it comes with a set storage capacity ranging from 16 to 256GB for iPhone, 16 to 512GB for iPad, and 8 to 128GB for iPod touch. The music you buy, the apps you download, the photos you take, and all of the other content that you enjoy on your device uses its storage. And depending on the size of your capacity and how much content you have, your device can fill up and run out of storage. When your device is full, you can’t increase its storage. But you can free up iPhone space.

iPhone showing iPhone Storage screen

iCloud storage

When you set up iCloud, you automatically get 5GB of free storage. You can use that storage space to back up your device and to keep all of your photos, videos, documents, and text messages securely stored and updated everywhere. Depending on the size of your backup and the amount of content you keep in iCloud, you might run out of free space. You can make room when you buy more iCloud storage or when you delete content.

After understanding clearly about definition of device storage and iphone storage cleaner, we move to definition of cleaner app free

With iCloud storage, it is belong to Apple. If you want to Free up space in iCloud, you delete content—like backups, photos, and files—that you don’t need anymore. Before you delete anything, you might want to make copies of your iCloud content. In case, you dont want to delete anything, buy more iCloud storage is the good way.

So, the iphone cleaner app is the app help you free up space on your device by removing content from your apps—like photos, music, and Podcasts— or delete the apps that you’re not using. Through the function of the cleaner apps on App store, we can divide  2 kind of cleaner apps. The first one is kind of app helps you have a general view about your content in your device. By arranging content in a smart category and provide you the function clear all you dont need in one tap. The second one is the cleaner app which focus on arranging photos, videos, contacts which if you delete in rush, you maybe regret or get stuck.

In fact, almost cleaner apps are free and utility. Some of apps are consider worth to download, there are iMyFone iPhone Cleaner app and Clean master – cleaner pro app. iMyFone is the best free up junk file. Clean Master is the best duplicate photos remover. Download and enjoy here. 

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