The Best free Cleaner app, there are so much the same advertising outside. But how can we know if it is the best or not? This write will help you so much for deciding.

With the iPhone user, almost people meet trouble with iPhone storage. We usually meet 2 kind of trouble, one with app storage and one left with photos storage. In the digital world, amount apps were launhed on App store everyday is huge number. There are a lot of interesting apps among them. That the reason we are uasually not enough storage space. However, you can erase the rarely using apps to have more space to download another apps. But it’s quite hard when we have to decide which photo should be deleted. Because, there is to much photos in our phone and we will regret if we erase photos we like. It will not trouble anymore. This write we will introduce the good tool to help you resolve issue.

The best free cleaner apps for iPhone – Clean Master!

Why is the best free cleaner apps? Clean Master is like the name of it. It is the fastest cleaner app on App Store. It is one of the free cleaner apps what has a millions user around the world. The important, it’s free. The features of the app will make you please.

  • Friendly interface: The interface and design are neatly and friendly.
  • Super-Fast system scans: Boost up your phone in just one click
  • Smart Analysis: Optimize your experience by understanding what you want
  • Simple and clarify: Use Clean Master – Cleaner App without any instruction

How it work?

Similar Cleaning

Our advanced system scans, with a mazing speed in one tap, the cleaner app show you the duplicates and the similar within few seconds in a smart category that you easily realize similarity by color, people, background….

Therefore, you can select unwanted photos from the category without losing your favorite photos as per your choice. After this you can remove duplicates/similar in just one tap and allows you to confirm before deleting.

The app also categorize photos by location, live photos, selfies, screenshots maximum support you in searching and cleaning.

One of the perfect free cleaner apps in the world understands your need. Read more

Large Files

Clean Master will improve your device’s performance by: finding large video with integrated video scans whole photo storage space and arranging them by size and time created also in one tap. You can consider which video unnecessary by watching them according to size. After that, you can clean the device by removing the unwanted files.

Clean Master, the best free iOS mobile cleaner app can optimize your phone performance and keep your device clean.

Contact Organize

The process of operations is very simple, the app backup iPhone contacts in a few second with 1 click. Categorize duplicate contacts by name, phone, email and missing information. After that, you can remove duplicate/unwanted contacts by merging contacts per as your choice.

Clean Master is a wonderful free iPhone contacts backup app which can help you to backup and re-cover your contacts.

Certainly, there are a lot of app on App Store has exact the same function. However, cleaning is alway the very bored and tired routine. So that, we alway need tip or tool to help finishing soon. Because of it, we are confident to say that Clean Master is the best free cleaner app for iPhone.