Do you find a smart cleaner for your iPhone?

There are a lot of cleaner app on App Store. Some of them were launched long time ago, anothers are new member. Of course, there is the fact that, not all older are the good app. You need to understand that, technology is always change and the good is the one that catch up trend. That is the reason, so many apps rise up to star on App Store. In 2019, App market welcome over 10 Smart cleaner apps. It’s hard to say what is the best app Smart cleaner 2019 until this moment.

However, there is a flash up star among smart cleaner in haft of 2019. Cleaner Pro app – Clean Master – new member of Maple labs. Let see how it works?

Cleaner Pro app has a very beautiful interface.  The interface and design are neatly and friendly. The main color of app is blue which keep user’s eyes in most comfortable status. Icon’s size and font are reasonable. With that interface, Cleaner Pro is very imple and clarify. You can use the app without any instruction. There no any icons or symbols make you hard to understand. Like the name, Clean Master wont let you down with super-Fast system scans. In all smart cleaner of 2019, it’s amazing app provide the speed over perfect. The app will boost up your phone in just one click. And with smart Analysis, Cleaner Pro is worth for the rank that it earned in haft of 2019.  Your experience is optimized because the app understand what you want.

How is understand what you want?

Similar Cleaning

When you start cleaning duplicate photos in your phone, the cleaner app show you the duplicates /similar within few seconds in a smart category that you easily realize similarity by color, people, background…. The app also categorize photos by location, live photos, selfies, screenshots. Therefore, you can select unwanted photos from the category without losing your favorite photos as per your choice. After this you can remove duplicates/similar in just one tap and allows you to confirm before deleting.

Large Files

Clean Master will improve your device’s performance by scaning whole photo storage space and arranging them by size and time created also in one tap. You can consider which video unnecessary by watching them according to size. After that, you can clean the device by removing the unwanted files.

Contact Organize

The app backups iPhone contacts in a few second with 1 click. Categorize duplicate contacts by name, phone, email and missing information. After that, you can remove duplicate/unwanted contacts by merging contacts per as your choice. It help you to backup and re-cover your contacts also

If you find a Smart cleaner app for your iPhone, the super star of Smart cleaner app in 2019 – Cleaner Pro app is a good one to try to experience. Hope you will find the pleasure cleaner app.