Clean up phone is boring things and we always want to exscape from them or find something helpful like a smart cleaner app. However, which the cleaner app is really smart always is a hard question. In this article, I will show you way to find out the really smart cleaner app. You will understand what is standard of a smart cleaner for your phone and review top 5 smart cleaner apps in App store.

What is standard of a smart cleaner for your phone?

In my opinion, the factors are consider to vote for qualify of an cleaner app is fast, smart, simple and effective.  Like tidy up the house with vacuum cleaner, you will need a fast vacuum cleaner to help you reduce time for cleaning, release you from tired. You will like a simple vacuum cleaner which you dont waste hours to understand how it work, how to use…. Importantly, after using cleaning machine, your house looks clean and neat. The same with clean up phone by cleaner app. Fast to save time, simple to not make more trouble, effective to finish trouble and last but not least, smart for understanding what we need. Follow that, I will list for you top 5 apps match with these factors.

Top 5 smart cleaner apps in App Store.

#1. Cleaner Pro

Should you wish to manage your address book with more flair, Cleaner Pro can be worth a shot! Use it to find and merge duplicate contacts, quickly select group contacts and remove the ones you don’t want to keep anymore.

With the help of the smart filter, you will be able to instantly find the contacts you need. Concerned about the security of your address book? No problem, you can back up your entire contacts and restore them as and when you want. Moreover, it lets you export your backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, and even email.

In my opinion, Cleaner Pro is the backup contact apps which has a frendly interface and efficiency. The function of app is not too complex. It focus on 1 thing, manage your contact by backing up, cleaning your contact. There is another cleaner app has the same function and efficiency. It is Clean Master, dont confuse with Clean Master of Android clean junk file. The Clean Master I mention not only help you manage contact but also help you clean duplicate photos, large files. Both of apps worth to use.

#2.Phone Cleaner

I have found Phone Cleaner up to the mark primarily based on functionality. You can use this iPhone cleaning app to access all the large photos and videos that have consumed plenty of storage on your device and remove them. Whether it’s the duplicate photos or the ones you have imported from your computer, the app lets you track down all the storage hogging media files. Thus, wiping them out becomes a hassle-free task.

#3. Quick Heal Optimizer

Download this app to achieve better performance of your iPhone. This app optimizes the speed and performance of your device and shows your iPhone’s health with colors like green, orange, brown, and red.

The app removes the memory left unused in the background by the iPhone apps you are using regularly. Your device gathers temporary files, which are cleaned by this Quick Heal Optimizer.

#4. Mobile Cleaner

“Mobile Cleaner” is a bit more than just an iPhone storage cleaning tool. Just like the most apps mentioned in this lineup, it works reliably in letting you eliminate all the needless photos and videos. Another appreciable feature of this app is that it allows you to clean up your Contacts as well.

Apart from letting you delete the junk files, it also shows the information regarding the used and available memory. Moreover, Mobile Cleaner is spot on when it comes letting you monitor Internet connection.

#5. Clean Doctor


For keeping your phone book and photo library clutter-free, you can’t go wrong with “Clean Doctor.”I’ve found appreciable in this app is the accuracy with which it tracks down the large sized photos and videos. Hence, you can instantly catch culprits and put them into the trash.

But Clean Doctor is not just about getting rid of the unnecessary shots. You will use this app to shoot out the duplicates and keep your address book neat. That’s not all, it also lets you set up masked photos to safeguard your privacy.

Hope with this article, you will find out for your own a pleasure smart cleaner app.