Certainly, smartphone users have heard about Clean Master boots up your phone one time at least. Particularly, with Android phone users, it is so familiar. How about with iOS phone users? Is there any Clean Master? If there is Clean Master, is it the same function with Clean Master on Android?  In this article, I will just only help you to find the answer of the question: “What is Clean Master on iPhone?” and “How to distinguish them?” Before telling the differences of two kinds of apps, I think you should understand the features of iphone clean master app both on iPhone and on Android.

What is Clean Master of iPhone?

Master Cleaner app is a super and smart cleaner helps you find and delete similar photos, large videos, merge duplicate contacts, backup contacts.

Photos Cleaner: Super – fast & Smart

– Find and delete similar, duplicate photos

– Analysis and delete similar selfies, live photos

– Find and delete pictures relative to specific locations

Videos Cleaner: Scan for large files

– Scan and sort videos by size

– Full information about videos size and duration

– Easy to remove multiple large files

Contacts Cleaner: remove contacts and merge duplicate contacts

Duplicate contacts remover

– Clean contacts that have no phone number or email

– Manage your contacts quickly

– Easy to delete multiple contacts

– Group duplicate contacts by name, phone, email

Contacts backup and restore

– Merge contacts

What is Clean Master of Android?

Just like on personal computers, after a long time using devices running Android platform, applications and systems will automatically generate temporary files, junk files … to serve the operation process. For a long time, these files will occupy part of the memory stored on the device.

Clean app is an application designed to automatically find and delete unnecessary junk files on Android to save device storage and improve system performance. In addition, this application also allows users to delete unneeded applications that run in the background or remove many applications installed on the system … Clean Master with a beautiful interface will make using this application easier and more convenient. From the main interface of the application after installation, information about storage capacity on the device’s memory will be displayed (including external memory card and device internal memory).

Iphone clean master app is a popular keyword for who want to find a cleaner tool for their device. However in this case, Clean Master app on iPhone is different from Clean Master download on Android about function of each app. Clean Master of Android if famous for junk files remover but Clean Master of iOS is a duplicate photos remover. So iPhone users should understand clearly to have a right choice.

Junk files Cleaner apps were recommend for Android and iOS phone

If you want something to help you find and delete similar photos, large videos, merge duplicate contacts, backup contacts, Clean Master – Cleaner Pro App, in my opinion, is worth to have it installed on your device. This clean master will certainly bring you the utter simplicity and easiness.

For Android.

Clean Master 

This app is one of the best optimization tools with space cleaner and antivirus for android devices, helps keep your phone clean and safe from virus. Clean Master also free up space and RAM to improve your phone’s performance. The design is also quite impressive. The various functions are located on different screens for simple access. The Clean Master Android app has excellent performance. It does everything the developers claim and has consistent performance.

CCleaner : Memory Cleaner, Phone Booster, Optimizer

This app has been developed by the renowned PC optimizer, Piriform. Certainly, this app is amongst the list of most popular ones. This phone cleaner app for Android excels at cleaning junk files and speeding up your Android smartphone. It is simple in its operation and easy to navigate through. CCleaner is an app you can leave all your digital waste to! It will take care of it all, ensuring your Android device stays healthy.

For iOS phone

Iphone clean master app

Iphone clean master app can clean up iPhone/iPod in a smart way. As a professional iOS cleaner, PhoneClean knows exactly what files are useless and how to clear them with safety. It will find a variety of junk files on your iPhone, decide what’re safe to delete and do the cleaning simultaneously.

Sometimes you do not want your personal information, like iMessages, Contacts, etc., to expose to others. These data can be recovered with recovery software even you’ve deleted them from iPhone. PhoneClean focuses on privacy protection and allows you eliminating personal data permanently.


iFreeUp is a free iOS cache cleaning and tuneup software that offers 1-click solution to detect and clean out temp files, useless and corrupted downloads, cookies and other kinds of clutters. With a neat design, this iPhone memory cleaner can thoroughly detect and clean junk files generated by both iOS system and third-party applications.

Moreover, iFreeUp helps you delete and shred deleted photos to prevent other people from recovering and leaking your privacy.