Duplicate photos is the very annoying when we use iPhone. Specially, with a limit iClould storage space, it is very unnecessary.

iCloud is a great features of Apple’s products. However, Apple just supports 5GB available for users. It seems not enough with some of people. However, buying more iCloud storage is partly not a good idea. Look at iCloud storage chart, photos is always cover a large space. If we can clean up photos no longer needed, we can save too much storage space. A good new for iPhone users, when you delete a photo on device storage, it will be deleted on iCloud storage. So that, we just find the way to delete photos quiclky to save time and save storage space as well.

Clean up photos maybe simple, just delete a photo we dont need anymore. In photos library, if we have a look, we can see that it was covered by too many duplicate photos on iphone. With thousands photos in photos library, it seems not a easily task for deleting one by one. However, there are troubles means there is solution.

Clean Master – cleaner Pro App is an application to find and remove duplicate photos iphone from camera rolls on iPhone, iPad, iPod. If you want to free up iCloud photos space, the app will help you so much. Follow our guide to learn how to remove iCloud duplicate photos. The app does not clean up duplicate photos in iCloud directly, it will scan through camera roll and delete duplicate/similar photos

Launch Clean Master – cleaner Pro App. Click the Photo cleaner button → in the Finder window, go to the photos folder and tap to scan. The cleaner app will show you the duplicates photo delete and the similar within few seconds in a smart category that you easily realize similarity by color, people, background…. Therefore, you can select unwanted photos from the category without losing your favorite photos as per your choice. After this you can remove duplicates/similar in just one tap and allows you to confirm before deleting. The app also categorize photos by location, live photos, selfies, screenshots maximum support you in searching and cleaning.

That’s all. Now, if you check your iCloud for duplicate photos, you will no longer find unneeded copies there. With this app, your device storage and iCloud storage were free up avilaible space by deleting photos that you no longer need . Another way, if you want to free up iCloud storage to have more space for backing up data, keeping document and text message, you can move photos and videos to another clould like Flick or Google photos. However, this action dont clean up photos and videos in device storage together.