Tip to take photos in glut

Taking selfies has become a huge part of social media fun and people are always interested in how to master the art. No matter the occasion, it’s become universally appropriate to whip out a phone just about anywhere and take selfies to capture the moment. However, to have a perfect selfie, you might take hundreds photos. This leads your similar photos cleaner will full quickly. The process to erase these photos will waste hours of your.
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Tips for getting really awesome selfies

Here are tips for getting really awesome selfies, illustrated by the celebs who do it the best!

  1. When you’re looking for the best natural light, remember you don’t have to run straight to the sunniest window you can find.
danielle brooks selfie

2. Always place your phone between you and the light source.

3. The head tilt is likely the most popular selfie pose, but SZA and Dascha Polanco prove a straight-on look is FIERCE AF.

4. Selfie lesson from Ashley Graham: Tilt your phone, not your head.

5. Another Ashley Graham hack is to play with the contrast settings on your phone’s camera, instead of using a filter.

ashley graham selife tips
photo: Instagram/Ashley Graham

6. Don’t forget to crop out the unnecessary.

bella throne selfie
photo: Instagram/Bella Thorne

7. The one-armed selfie shot is usually what people defer to, but holding your selfie with two hands is super helpful.

danielle brooks selfie
photo: Instagram/Danielle Brooks

8. People always say “know your angles.” Here’s how to find them: Go with the pose you know you ALWAYS look great doing.

tracee ellis ross
photo: Instagram/Tracee Ellis Ross

9. That brings me to a MAJOR selfie tip: Don’t be the person who takes the same selfie all the time.

Rihanna selfie
photo: Instagram/Rihanna

The coolest selfies are the ones where you look like you’re having fun, living life, and showing who you are.