Clean up for iPad is very necessary, so that finding a good iPad cleaner app will release you so much from stuff and mess. iPad is affirming its position in resoling task for people who often move. If iPhone was provided for entertainment purpose in major, iPad was born not only entertainment but also learning and working. Clean up iPhone is likely clean up your house.  If we dont clean up the house everyday, we will uncomfortable to live. Clean up iPad is likely clean up your working place. If your working place is a mess, certainly, your work effeciency is so bad.

Nowaday, almost cleaner app is suitable with both iPhone and iPad. So congratulation if you find out a good iPad cleaner app, because it is the good Phone cleaner app also.

In general, there are over 100 cleaner app for iPhone and iPad. This lead to the fact that, there are over 100 good iPhone/iPad cleaner app according advertising of each app. It is quite hard to decide whether is good or not. This text will give you awnser for question: “How can I find out the good cleaner app for iPad?”

What is the core factor of a good iPhone/iPad cleaner app?

In my opinion, the factors are consider to vote for qualify of an cleaner app is fast, smart, simple and effective.  Like tidy up the house with vacuum cleaner, you will need a fast vacuum cleaner to help you reduce time for cleaning, release you from tired. You will like a simple vacuum cleaner which you dont waste hours to understand how it work, how to use…. Importantly, after using cleaning machine, your house looks clean and neat. The same with clean up iPad by cleaner app. Fast to save time, simple to not make more trouble, effective to finish trouble and last but not least, smart for understanding what we need.

The best iPad cleaner app in App Store

In this text, I just mention about the duplicate photo remover apps which focus cleaning up your similar photos. If you want to have the overview of photo storage and kind of cleaner app, read here. Some of famous apps, we have Clean Master – Cleaner Pro, Smart cleaner, Remo duplicate photo remover. The highlight app is belong to Clean Master – Cleaner Pro. Read more. 

How to View and Clear Storage On Your iPad

  1. Go into your iPad’s settings by launching the Settings app.

  2. Choose Generalfrom the left-side menu.

  3. Tap iPad Storage.

  4. The Storage section shows how much space you’re using with both a number and a color-coded bar chart.

    It may take a few seconds for the iPad to calculate and categorize your storage.

  5. Below the overview, you’ll see recommendations for clearing space. Some options include uploading all of your photos to iCloud, cleaning out the pictures you’ve recently deleted, and deleting videos or photos you’ve attached to text messages.

  6. Under the recommendations, you’ll see a list of all of the apps you have installed and how much space each of them takes up. The larger ones are on top.

  7. Tap an app on this list to get more detailed information like the app size and data. Apps like Messages will also include the space it’s using for attachments. The Documents & Data section contains a more detailed breakdown of the app’s storage usage.