What is Clean Master for iPhone?

Clean Master – Cleaner Pro App is an Cleaner app only for iOS operation. Master Cleaner app is a super and smart cleaner helps you find and delete similar photos, large videos, merge duplicate contacts, backup contacts. The app has 3 main function:

Photos Cleaner help you find and delete similar, duplicate photos smartly and speedy

Videos Cleaner: Scan for large files. With this function, you can scan and sort videos by size and have full informations about videos size and duration. After that, you will easily to remove multiple large files

Contacts Cleaner: remove contacts and merge duplicate contacts. The app like a duplicate contacts remover help you clean contacts that have no phone number or email. Clean Master manage your contacts quickly help you easily to delete multiple contacts and merge contacts by sorting duplicate contacts by name, phone, email. Besides, the app backup contacts and restore all your contacts

How to download Clean Master – Master Cleaner for my iPhone?

  1.  Go to App Store -> search keyword “Cleaner”
  2. Install Clean Master for iPhone
  3. Open the App to access your camera rolls
  4. Enjoy your app

Free up your storage

Similar Cleaning

Our advanced system scans, with a mazing speed in one tap, the cleaner app show you the duplicates and the similar within few seconds in a smart category that you easily realize similarity by color, people, background….The app also categorize photos by location, live photos, selfies, screenshots maximum support you in searching and cleaning.

Therefore, you can select unwanted photos from the category without losing your favorite photos as per your choice. After this you can remove duplicates/similar in just one tap and allows you to confirm before deleting.

Large Files

Clean Master will improve your device’s performance by: finding large video with integrated video scans whole photo storage space and arranging them by size and time created also in one tap. You can consider which video unnecessary by watching them according to size. After that, you can clean the device by removing the unwanted files.

Contact Organize

The process of operations is very simple, clean master backup iPhone contacts in a few second with 1 click. Categorize duplicate contacts by name, phone, email and missing information. After that, you can remove duplicate unwanted contacts cleaner by merging contacts per as your choice.