What is iOS 12’s Smart Albums?

On iOS 12, you’ll see a list showing pretty much every kind of photo you have: Live Photos, Slo-mo, Animated, and so on. How do you think about it? This is powerful stuff, right? let’s check it out! Super Speed Cleaner that have no phone number or email

Many of these have been available in previous versions of iOS in regular album list. Previously many of these categories showed up as albums, mixed in with your own albums. However, in iOS 12, regular album list is suggested just your own albums, favorite, Instagram…, for example. And about photos type? They’re all in a handy list. That makes it easy to find them.

Here’s the full list of available photo types:

iOS 12’s smart album
  • Videos
  • Selfies
  • Live Photos
  • Portrait
  • Long Exposure
  • Panoramas
  • Slo-mo
  • Bursts
  • Screenshots
  • Animated
  • Imports
  • Hidden
  • Recently Deleted

One of the most useful for me is Screenshots. With All Photos album, it’s really hard to find screenshots mix with normal photos. Now you can view them in a separate album. Tap the line screenshots and see all the screenshots you’ve taken, not only on your current device, but on any iPads and iPhones you own now, or have previously used.

“For You” tab — The Photos app is now more personalized

The “For You” tab houses your “memories” (which are curated by Apple based on the images in your library), any shared-album activity, and what Apple thinks are some of the best photos from your library.

The tab will also show you featured photos, as well as “effect suggestions,” which propose edits to your photos.

These personalization changes make the Photos app a lot more similar to Google Photos.

With list photo type of Photo app in iOS 12, you can easily to clean up the similar photos, release your storage. However, it is just helpful with small amount photos. With travellers, bloggers, KOLs and busy people, it seems not helpful too much with them.

There are apps in the App Store which are designed to the exact same thing. However, these apps allow user delete unwanted photos not only by the list photo type. They organize photos by same color, same background and let user have overview the similar pictures to easily decide unwanted pictures.

Beside, these apps integrated other functions: organize videos by size, backup contact like Clean Master — Cleaner Pro App. Super Speed Cleaner has a very beautiful and clear interface. Special, Super Speed Cleaner scans very fast. Just 1 tap, you will have a board with clearly overview of all your photo. You can test 2–3 same function app (searching cleaner) to feel about UI design as well as the speed of each app.

New update of Apple is very wonderful. However, to avoid meeting trouble, a clean app should have been in your phone.