Clean MasterMaster cleaner app is a super cleaner app and smart cleaner app for iPhone and iPad helps you easily find and remove screenshots, duplicate photos remover, Live Photos, videos.

This app is world class best iOS cleaning app which will work as phone cleaner, junk cleaner and phone booster. This app will create space in your mobile by removing duplicate photo and will boost your phone. This app will also help you to silent useless notification and will keep your device clean, quiet and more efficient.


I find the Cleaner Pro – Super Cleaner more appealing since the design of the app is both consistent and intuitive. By choosing to update it to the latest version, I was able to enjoy extra clarity. The Cleaner Pro – Super Cleaner app segment displays the amount of junk, and a single click is enough to save my storage space. Notably, the app also uses simple colors and clarifying icons that make it enjoyable to use.

The design of the Cleaner Pro – Super Cleaner app deserves a 9 score.


Despite its numerous features and usages, the leading phone cleaner app and memory booster is easy to use. You require just one click on the specific function icons to effect these features that clean and boost your phone very fast. Moreover, the app download is small, with a 1-MB installation package, and is surprisingly smart in boosting the phone performance. Therefore, it won’t further bring a space problem like most conventional phone cleaners.

Boost up your phone in just one click!

  • Advanced system scans will respond your request immediately.
  • Smartly keep your device clean without losing favorite files
  • Clean unwanted files to speed up your phone just one click

In this category, Super Cleaner app deserves a 10 score.

The Verdict

There are no more annoying notifications on my device that used to drive me insane. The Cleaner Pro – Super Cleaner deserves the impressive 4.7 out of 5 ratin.  Therefore the app’s got to be good. This is further highlighted by its download range of between 50 and 100 million, according to the App store.

I would recommend one to download free Clean Master app as it as a nice tool to keep in your handset, more so if you need to silence useless notifications and keep your phone clean, more efficient, and quiet.