Countless duplicate photos are consuming your device storage? Instantly scan your phone memory and delete duplicate pictures by using Duplicate Photo Remover – Cleaner Pro app

On an average a 17% of photos on your device are identical copies of the original, which take down phone memory and performance. So why to keep them when you don’t need them Clean master download?!! Here is solution for you “Duplicate Photo Remover –  Organize & Optimize your Phone”

Cleaner Pro app is a powerful, easy-to-use Duplicate Photo Remover utility. It gets rid of the need to sift through thousands of images in search of duplicate and similar photos. The app scans and displays duplicate or similar photos in sets. Then you will have the option to delete the duplicate photos by selecting the entire set or a set of images from it. Important, if you delete the entire set, it will ensure one copy of the photo is still with you. Cheers!!!

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Benefits of Duplicate Photo Remover

Cleaner Pro helps you in removing multiple copies of exact Clean master & similar photos. Thereby resulting in a neat and organized photo collection. What’s more? It’s completely automated! You don’t have to manually sort through thousands of photos. With a million downloads, the application runs on Duplicate Photo Remover  – Cleaner Pro app. A few simple clicks and you’re done!


Sorted Gallery. Removing duplicate pictures results in an organized and streamlined photo collection

Secondly, Maximized Free Space. Deleting duplicate and similar photos to releases precious storage space

Nextly, Eliminated Duplicates. Cleaning duplicate and similar looking photos removes redundancy by up to 99%

Finally, Grouped Duplicates. Scanned duplicate & similar photos are grouped for easy deletion clean app.